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Class Expectations & Procedures and Resources

Class Expectations & Procedures
BOOK BAG BOOKS:  Students are given small reading books weekly in their Book Bags.  They are leveled readers that should be read nightly.  Students may bring their bags back on their first day at SV each week to trade.  Students will NOT be given a new set of books to read until the old set has been returned.  If you feel the books are too hard or too easy we can adjust them.  Simply send in a note in their bag.
DAILY NOTEBOOK:  Everyday students come to SV students are expected to return their daily notebook which is one of our means of communication.  It will be sent home each night.  If you have monies or notes or completed home work they should be sent in the daily notebook.  Please be sure to check your child's notebook nightly.  We will send school info, graded work, and newsletters home that way.  We will also send home extra practice and review sheets as needed to meet the individual learning needs of your child.
HOME WORK:  Home Work this year will be by way of our online learning.  Weekly assignments will be in both SEESAW and FRECKLE for your child to complete.  Videos of our lessons will also be found there.  Your child will be expected to complete all assignments on time by the end of their school week.  We will offer occasional projects for family connection with our learning.  Students will receive grades for their public speaking/presentation.  These are some of the most fun opportunities during our school year.  Students who need added reinforcement will receive review sheets in their notebooks to complete and return.  
Students in First will be expected to learn both their Letterland words and Sight words every week.   They will also have sentences to practice writing for dictation testing.  They will receive a pre-test on Thursday and a final testing on Friday.  Kindergarten students will also be tested orally on reading their sight words.  They will have sound, blend, cvc word, and sentence dictation testing which will mostly come from Letterland skills learned and their sight words.
CLASS NEWS LETTER:  A weekly class news letter will be sent every week on your child's first day of class.  Activities for Kindergarten will be noted on the back of the newsletter for suggested review work at home.  Family connect projects will also be listed.  In Math, First grade will find Math Connect activities to enjoy at home for added review and reinforcement of skills learned in class.   The news letter tells you what your child is learning for the week.  It also shares information about upcoming special events and the sight words and Letterland words and sentences being covered for the week that your child should learn.
LIBRARY:  Students who check out books from the SV Library will need to be sure to turn those in before they will be allowed to check out another one.  
REMINDER:  Don't forget about the online library!  Ask Mrs. Sully if you need further info!
There are many great sites online for Kindergarten leveled learning and review.   SeeSaw offers games and challenge too!  Freckle will offer reading and math.  It will increase in challenge based on your child's ability.
Some other sites you may wish to check out are ABC Mouse, Saturday Morning Songs, Starfall, and our Zearn Math site which students are enrolled in through our class.  Our Zearn Class Code is: VD9A4.  Their are also sites you may purchase membership to that students may enjoy.  One such site is Reading A-Z.  This is a leveled book reading site that allows students to listen to, read, and even take a quiz to test their level of comprehension. Epic is also a great reading site as well.   Parents should always check out any learning sites their children are engaged in.  If you happen to have an i-pad at home Letterland offers several apps you may purchase too!