Our Values

Welcome to Silver Valley Elementary School!

Our Mission:
     At Silver Valley Elementary our mission is to create a rigorous, relevant, relationship centered learning environment where ALL students SOAR!

Our Vision:
       Silver Valley Elementary School is a place where all stakeholders promote lifelong learning to prepare students for a global society.

Our History:
    The Silver Valley community lies in the area around the intersection of Hwy 64 and NC 109, extending to the Randolph County line on the east.
     The first name given to the community, shortly after 1848, was Williams Crossroads.  The Silver Valley Mine was built in 1880, and sometime later, the community came to be known as Silver Valley.
      The first public school in the community was opened in 1843, just after Davidson County voted to establish school districts and supply tax money to support them.
       There was no running water.  Water was carried by the older boys from nearby wells and springs, sometimes as far away as a half a mile.  Everyone drank from a common dipper or used his own folding cup.  The larger boys were also responsible for cutting wood and keeping fires going during the winter.
        The first modern school in Silver Valley was completed in 1930.  The new school had no indoor plumbing, cafeteria or electricity.  Some years later, restrooms and water fountains were installed, and electricity came to the area in 1937.  A cafeteria was constructed after citizens in the community furnished the materials and built it themselves around 1949.
         A severe thunderstorm resulted in the original school burning to the ground in 1954.  Lightning struck the fuse box behind the stage in the auditorium and caught the stage curtains on fire.  There was no fire department in the community at that time.  The cafeteria was the only structure that was spared.  The school was rebuilt approximately 18 months later.
        Students attended Davis Townsend for their high school education.  Once the new Central Davidson High School was built in the late 1950's, students enrolled there for 9th-12th grade.  This continued until Silver Valley was redistricted to South Davidson High School in 1989.