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ABC's of Kindergarten




  • Absences:

Please be sure to send in a note when your child is absent.  Even if you call and let me know that they won’t be at school or if you email me, I have to turn in something to the office that they keep on file.  Make sure it has your child’s first and last name, the date of the absence, why they were absent, and the date you wrote the note.


  • Assessments:

There are lots of assessments in kindergarten.  Assessments are another way to “test” children.  These are done one on one.  If a student does not understand a topic, they will be reassessed.  You will find out about the assessments as soon as I finish them.




  • Alphabet:

We do a lot of work with the alphabet.  When I assess your child, they have to know the uppercase, lower case, and the sound the letter makes.  We will go over all the letters.  They not only need to know them but know them out of order.  That is difficult for them.  I can give you some alphabet flashcards to work with your child at night if you need them.




  • Behavior:

The first week we as a class created our rules.  They are posted in the room.  Our behavior plan explains what happens if they do not make good choices.  I do try to give plenty of warnings before I make them loose a dojo point.  Please check their dojo points each day to monitor how many positive and negative dojo points they earned each day.


  • Birthdays:

According to the school board, there can be no birthday parties at school.  If you would like, you may send your child’s favorite snack to share with the class.  Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to do that.




  • Communication:

Please feel free to give me a call, email me, or send me a message through Class Dojo anytime. It is difficult to get me on the phone from 7:30-3:00. I am usually with students or getting ready for the day. Please understand that I may not be able to call you back during the school day. Some days I do not get to check my messages until after school. If it is something I need to know that day, please let the office know and they will get a message to me or you can try sending a dojo message as I check that more often. If you have not heard from me within 24 hours, please try again. It is very busy here at school and sometimes things just get forgotten. The number at school is 336-472-1576 and my email is [email protected]




  • Conferences:

After the first nine weeks, I will set up a conference with each child’s parent/guardian.  After that, I usually only conference with parents if the student’s behavior or academics have changed or at the parent’s request. If you would like a conference at any time, please let me know and I will be happy to schedule one.


  • Celebrations:

We have two a year, one at Christmas and one at the end of the year.  




  • Dojo (Class Dojo):

We use an app called Class Dojo for classroom management/behavior. Students can receive a dojo up (green dojo point) for positive behavior or a dojo point down (red dojo point) for negative or poor choices. Students are told behavior expectations for the classroom during the first week of school and will be expected to adhere to them. I will send more information regarding Class Dojo in another handout. 

  • Donations:

If you would like to donate things for the classroom, I can provide you a list of things that could be used.  Also, sometimes during the year, I may ask for donations when we start to run low on items.


  • Dismissal:

Our school day ends at 2:35 each day!




  • Enrichment:

This year we will be having enrichment every Friday after lunch.  Students will transition through 4 enrichment classes: Music, Art, PE, and Media/Library.


  • Expectations:

I will do my best in the classroom to ensure that I meet all your child’s learning needs. It is my expectation that both my students and their parents put in the same effort to ensure your child has the best chance of success.



  • Field trips:

We have not been approved to take field trips as of yet due to Covid restrictions. IF this changes, I will be sure to send home information pertaining to the trip and chaperones.




  • Grading Policy:

We grade using 1, 2, or a 3 on report cards. A 1 is not meeting grade level expectations, a 2 is inconsistently meeting grade level expectations, and a 3 is proficient. We send home report cards at the end of each 9 weeks and progress reports in the middle of each 9 weeks so parents stay informed. I also like to provide feedback on individual worksheets for students, so I use a check mark rating.

     = 1

       = 2

          = 3




  • Homework:

Your child will have homework sent home on Mondays to be completed and turned back in by Friday each week.  A homework packet will be sent home for your child to complete in order to review/retain what they have previously learned. Once we assess reading levels of each child, we will be sending home a bag of books on their reading level for your child to read to you (read one book per night minimum). All reading must be written down on their reading log in order for me to know that they are completing their reading. Please make sure your child does their homework each night with your help.



  • Home Tools:

Here is a list of things you may want to have on hand for your child to use during homework:  pencils, paper, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, and various craft supplies for home connect projects.




  • Home Connect Projects:

There is a total of 9 Home Connect Projects that will be assigned throughout the year. These projects will be announced in the weekly newsletter a week or two in advance to give families time to complete them. These are fun projects that students and parents can make together to connect home and school learning. Students love to bring their finished projects in and present them to the class!




  • Independence:

We encourage independence in the classroom and at home in Kindergarten! From dressing themselves, opening their own breakfast/lunch items, to taking charge of their own reading/learning; we want our students to feel empowered that they can do so many things themselves. I would like to ask that parents encourage their child to do the same at home too! You will be AMAZED at how much your little one can do!


  • Items from Home:

Please make sure your children keep items from home at home unless I send a note saying otherwise.  Toys, trinkets, etc. should be left at home or in the car.  These items may take up valuable space in their backpack and cause distractions for students.







  • Jobs:

Starting in September, we will have classroom jobs! Mrs. Potter LOVES having helpers!!  I will select the order of these helpers randomly, they will last a week, and continue the cycle until each child has done each job.




  • Kindergarten:

Kindergarten is a place where children are encouraged to learn through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experiences.  Kindergarten is a year filled with all sorts of memorable experiences!




  • Lunch:

Our lunch is 11:15-11:45. Make sure to send items that your child can open themselves for lunch and no items that require warming or any that have sharp edges like metal cans. Visitors for lunch will be allowed AFTER the first nine weeks of school. Make sure you sign in at the office and we will meet you at the cafeteria door. 


  • Library:

We go to the library for class every week.  We try to let the children go throughout the week to return books as our schedule and the library’s schedule allows.  Please keep your child’s library book in their book bag so they can exchange books often. If a library book is not turned in on time, there will be a late fee.








  • Money:

If you send money in for anything, please put it in the ziploc bag in their folder.  Please put a note in the baggie with the child’s name and what the money is for.  If it is not labeled, it will be sent back home.


  • Medication:

If you must send in medication, please send it in the original bottle with a note, preferably a doctor’s note. School rules are no medication on the bus so please keep that in mind.  There is a medication form that must be filled out to accompany the medicine, whether it is prescription or over the counter.  That form is on the school website. I am not allowed to give medication in the classroom, this has to be handled in the office.




  • Newsletter:

I will try to send home a newsletter every week to let you know what is going on in the classroom.   It is yours to keep and will have important information about what is going on in class.  I know sometimes students seem to forget what we do at school by the time they get home.  Please make sure you read this.  I get lots of questions about things that are in the newsletter.

  • Notes:

I will try, just like phone calls, to answer notes the day I receive them but please understand if it takes a day or so to answer your note.  Please make sure you date the note.  Since Mrs. Hiatt is not with me all day, sometimes I do not get a chance to answer notes during the day and need to do it after school.




  • Questions:

I am partnering with you in the education of your child.  Questions are ALWAYS welcome! I will try to respond to them within 24 hours of emails, notes in their folders, or phone calls.


  • Recess:

We go outside everyday unless it is raining or extremely cold.  Our recess time is before lunch around 10:45-11:15. Please remember that when weather starts to become colder, your child may need a jacket or a coat.  Your child must go out and participate unless you write a note specifying that they cannot.  That is state law.  Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes for recess.  School dress code says NO FLIP FLOPS.


  • Reading:

Each night your child is to read.  To begin with, you are to read to them, but they should begin to read some of the words themselves.  I send home lots of small books.  Students should be able to “read” these books especially after you have read them.  We will have practiced several times at school.  Keep these books in a place at home and they can read them over and over again.  After reading levels have been assessed, I will be sending home nightly books for them to read.  These will be books that they should be able to read themselves and to you! You will LOVE listening to your child grow in their reading skills!




  • Snack:

We will have snack time every day in between breakfast and lunch. Please be sure to send in a small snack along with a bottle or cup of water with a lid for your child.




  • Transportation:

If you need to make a change to the way your goes home, please send a written note about how they will get home or call the office.  I know emergencies come up and you may have to change it, but please DO NOT leave it on my voicemail or send it through dojo.  I may not get to the voicemail before school is out or check dojo in the rush at the end of the day.




  • Unique:

Every child arrives with unique individual talents, skills, learning styles, and modes of intelligence.  I promise to celebrate your children and nurture their growth in ways that help them shine!!




  • Volunteers:

Volunteers will NOT be allowed in the building until AFTER the first nine weeks. If you would like to volunteer in our room, please let me know. I have children who could use some extra help with learning things.  You will not be able to work with your child during this time.  These are rules set up by the school.  If you would be willing to run papers off for me or type things for me or cut things out, let me know.  Also, all volunteers must fill out a paper for a background check.




  • Web Site

Our class has a website.  You can go to the Silver Valley Elementary Website, click on D, Departments, then kindergarten, and then my name.  There is information about our class schedule and other things on this page.



X, Y, Z

  • I am very eXcited to work with all of you and your children this Year! Make sure your child gets plenty of Zzzzz’s each night because we will have busy, happy, and fulfilling days this year!